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Ten-Point is, and always has been, unique.

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Bike Fitting

The balance between comfort, power, aerodynamics and biomechanics. Your morphology, the event discipline and your mental approach determine the balance.

Injury Clinic

Persistent injuries, pain, seen everybody, don’t seem to be getting better then try Ten-Point and experience state of the art posture and movement analysis in real time. The Diers 4D Motion Lab

Efficient Running

Is there a way we should be using our bodies when running? We think so. We have the most advanced dynamic gait analysis with views from all directions. And yes we mean whilst you are moving not static which reveals only a small part of the picture.

Bike Servicing

We service road and triathlon bikes with a specialism in electronic and hydraulic groupsets including disc brakes and of course mechanical groupsets too.


Whether you are a triathlete, ultra distance/general runner or cyclist training for an event our resident coach provides specific customised training plans.

Bike Builds

Based on a proper GURU bike fit we build road and triathlon bikes configured to the chosen fit data coordinates and selected specifications


Ten-Point is, and always has been, unique. For a start, Ten-Point is staffed by a core team of 4 with a combined age of 208, bringing backgrounds as diverse as the military, retail, law, car mechanics and medical therapy together. We’re coming up to our 10th birthday and continue to push the boundaries of what a small retail outlet in the Chilterns can achieve. We consider ourselves to be The Hub of Efficient Running & Cycling, actively participating in these sports and more; each core team member is an Ironman, 3 are ultra-distance runners, 1 is a Double Ironman and all are enthusiastic!

We specialise in efficiency of movement to fulfill your athletic dream or goal most easily and most comfortably. Injury rehabilitation & prevention are dealt with by our sister business, Helen Hall, where special attention is paid to running technique and biomechanics.

Ten-Point is Europe’s first (and currently only) Slowtwitch F.I.S.T. Certified EXPERT Road and Tri Bike Fitting Studio, where cycling comfort leading to cycling efficiency are paid the attention they really deserve. We are truly a unique multi-sport shop.

We love what we do so much, we’ve created a Community Triathlon Team called the Ten-Point BlackFish – an ‘everyone is welcome’ group of friendly and enthusiastic beginners, middle distance and Ironman amateur and pro triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers.

If you’re looking for the company and knowledge of like-minded people, whose aim it is to encourage an active healthy lifestyle through participation in the sport of running, cycling and triathlon, at whatever distance, Ten-Point is your destination.

Come and dip your toe into something special … you are all welcome at Ten-Point, the Hub of Efficient Running & Cycling.

  • Cycling 80%
  • Running 60%
  • Swimming 50%
  • Bikes 90%


Posture and Movement Analyst, Injury Specialist, GURU and Slowtwitch F.I.S.T European Bike Fitting Instructor

Finding out about Helen is like an unending voyage of discovery – If Hercule’s first task had been “learn about Helen Hall” rather than “slay the Nemean Lion” he’d have not yet got on to slaying the Learnean Hyrda!. Her list of qualifications makes you wonder when her youthful appearance ever had time to learn it all!


Student Osteopath, Litigation Solicitor, GURU and Slowtwitch F.I.S.T European Bike Fitting Instructor

Brian is one of Ten-Point’s bike experts – if you want advice on kit Brian will walk you through the minefield of choosing the right bike and components. Brian is also a Slowtwitch F.I.S.T. advanced certified bike fitter. A former lawyer for Mercedes-Benz, He has also done a stint as a personal trainer. His greatest achievement? He’s older than he looks….!


Head Mechanic, GURU and Slowtwitch F.I.S.T Bike Fitter

Bryn is our resident mechanic. He runs the workshop carrying out bike building, servicing and repairs. When we say he’s a mechanic, he’s not a bike mechanic like you’d find in a normal bike shop. Nope, Bryn also owns his own car mechanic business in Watford, fixing and servicing cars when they go wrong – so bikes for him are simple!


Sales & Workshop Manager, C.H.E.K Exercise Coach, GURU and Slowtwitch F.I.S.T Bike Fitter

Sam is a qualified climbing instructor and a Chek Institute Exercise Coach. He has been a cycling mechanic for various pro MTBers and builds most of Ten-Point’s bikes. Sam has entered many ultra distance running events including Race to the Stones this year and to keep up with the old other team members needs to his first ironman.


Photographer, Videographer, Web Guy, Bike Fitter

A professional photographer, SanDisk Extreme Team member, Manfrotto Ambassador, Koy Lab Ambassador and Atomos Smart Producer, David is also a highly respected photo tutor specialising in the Canon EOS system. Dave doesn’t really fit the mould as a normal bike-shop employee. Drawn to the shop through his cycling, Dave quickly fell in love with the shop and its ethos and threw his hat into the ring to help out. As such, he brings a visual element to the place, taking pics, making videos and keeping the website looking tip top. He’s also a F.I.S.T. bike fitter and in 2014 completed his first triathlon…the Nice Ironman.