And now for ‘something’ … missing

Inspirational?  Well – you can’t call a couple who could show their bus passes ‘uninspirational’ when they’ve run a marathon a day for 366 days!  They are, after all, now in the Guiness Book of Records. veganInspiration5f

And to do it ‘raw vegan’ fuelled entirely on fruit is somewhat staggering too.  Even impressive.

But if you actually read the article word for word, what was MOST GOB-SMACKING was the total lack of reference to their footwear.

Only Australians could be so chilled that 2 OAPs running daily marathons for a year in simulated barefoot Vibram Fivefingers (matching VFF Speeds no less) were only noteworthy for their complete avoidance of ‘slipping a shrimp on the barbie’.

Priceless 🙂

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