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We were recently asked what is bike fitting?
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We were recently asked what is a GURU bike fitting system? It occurred to us that they would probably receive a different response depending on whom they asked and where that person was located in the world. We considered how we could provide a definition for cycle fittings that would encapsulate the different elements of bike fitting. So here is Ten-Point’s proposition. It is not meant to be definitive or exhaustive but just a proposition, at this moment in time.

The purpose of a bike fit is to establish the best position for YOU. This position is particular to YOU and is the position that seeks to optimise the balance between bio-mechanics, power, aerodynamics and comfort. Your cycling discipline will determine in which order of importance you place those elements. There are of course other factors that will affect the dynamics of the above such as age, fitness, weight, flexibility, motivation and the objective of the person.

So how do you find that position which is particular to you? Well you have two options. You can adopt the old method, which is to guess the frame size and then follow a long, laborious trial and error process resulting in guesswork.

Alternatively, and manifestly preferable, you can embark on an advanced dynamic bike fit which will be a more scientific, productive and time efficient process as a result of a collaboration between you and an experienced bike fitter.

To carry out a bike fit, Ten-Point uses the most advanced fitting tool in the world The GURU Bike Fitting System. We are also GURU’s European Academy and the Slowtwitch F.I.S.T UK/European Bike Fitting Training Centre. In summary, as well as specialising in bikes and understanding bike geometries. We also train other dealers in the UK and Europe in how to bike fit properly.

Whether you have an existing bike or are considering purchasing a new bike, a bike fit here at Ten-Point will give you all the data you need to select and build something shiny and new, or to modify as close as possible, your current trusty steed.


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