GURU Bike Fitting Prices

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Bike Finder*Model-Specific Fit***Full FitHH**
Full Bike Fit Data Report
Saddle Height
Saddle Fore/Aft
Saddle Angle
Cockpit Length
Stem Pitch
Handlebar Height
Bike Setup Recommendation
Multiple Seat Tube Angle Optimisations
Handlebar Width (Road Bikes Only)
Pad Width (Tri Bikes Only)
Extension Length (Tri Bikes Only)
Bike Brand/Model Advice
Bike Size Recommendation
£90£200Road £250
Tri £275
Additional Services
Current Bike Fit Data Report£50
Crank Length Assessment£25
Speedplay Pedal Spindle Fit as part of a fitting£50
Standalone Speedplay Pedal Spindle Fit£100
Appointment Times 9am-7pm Mon-Fri Out of Hours Appointment Surcharge£45
* Bike Finder is a virtual bike/frame sizing tool. If you only need to know the correct size this is the option for you. e.g. An internet or potential bargain purchase.
** HH: If you have pre-existing feet, knee, lower back, or shoulder problems that affects/restricts your cycling you must have your bike fit with Ten-Point’s biomechanical injury specialist Helen Hall.
*** If you have already purchased a bike and want to optimise your position on that model/bike this fit may be for you. Please note this is not a full fit. It is for those that are not concerned whether their existing bike is the ideal/optimal geometry for them.