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Bike Finder*Model-Specific Fit**Full FitHelen Hall
Full Bike Fit Data Report
Saddle Height
Saddle Fore/Aft
Saddle Angle
Cockpit Length
Stem Pitch
Handlebar Height
Bike Setup Recommendation
2/3 Seat Tube Angle Optimisations
Handlebar Width (Road Bikes Only)
Pad Width (Tri Bikes Only)
Extension Length (Tri Bikes Only)
Bike Brand/Model Advice
2-3 Recommendations
Bike Size Recommendation
£100£200Road £250
Tri £275
Road £350
Tri £375
Additional Services
Current Bike Fit Data Report£50
Crank Length Assessment£25
Speedplay Pedal Spindle Fit as part of a fitting£50
Standalone Speedplay Pedal Spindle Fit£100
Appointment Times 9am-7pm Mon-Fri Out of Hours Appointment Surcharge£45
* Bike Finder is a virtual bike/frame sizing tool. If you only need to know the correct size this is the option for you. e.g. An internet or potential bargain purchase.
** If you have already purchased a bike and want to optimise your position on that model/bike this fit may be for you. Please note this is not a full fit. It is for those that are not concerned whether their existing bike is the ideal/optimal geometry for them.