Don’t Wait for Injury – Help Yourself Now!

Google joint problems associated with running, and you’ll see the words hips, knees, spine, ankles and big toes pop up straight away.

Google joint problems associated with cycling, and you’ll find hips, knees, spine and feet/toes listed as common.

One is weight-bearing and supposedly what we’re born to do.  The other is non-weight bearing with the same joints listed.  What on earth is going on?

When was the last time you googled how to prevent an injury?  !!  We google once things have gone wrong!

Efficient Running & Cycling is what Ten-Point is all about, which almost by ‘default’ steers the athlete towards injury prevention.  After all, if you’re moving in the most expeditious way for your body, in a way your body finds comfortable, it’s less likely to complain.  If we lived in an ideal world, we’d approach our sports in a forward-thinking way – preventatively and with real biomechanical understanding (it’s not rocket science and sensory feedback is there all the time, not just when you’re in pain!).  The reality is that clients often find us through ‘need’, with things having already ‘gone wrong’.  Better late than never we say 🙂

The ‘other leg’ of the Ten-Point business, run by Helen Hall, is fixing injuries and steering clients to biomechanical health.  Understanding and treating the origin of the issue is critical to success, and avoids the common pitfalls of ‘symptom chasing’.  And very often, once the issues are understood, the door to full healing is held wide open … and invariably it’s of the self-healing variety, not an endless series of treatment appointments.

Joints aren’t designed to ‘wear out’ – they’re designed to last your life-time!  A joint is designed to articulate through its

instantaneous axis of rotation

That’s not some geek-boffin-scifi-definition … read it again.  It’s exactly what it says on the tin.  Do all your joints move through their ‘instantaneous axis of rotation’?  And if they don’t, do they feel good?  And which joint is the biggest in the body?  Did you say ‘hip’?  Wrong.  Knee.  A large, stable, fit-for-purpose structure … so why so endlessly problematic?  The answer lies in how you use it.Towards_Vertical_by_Kirsty_Hawkshaw_and_Helen_Hall___Barefoot_Audio

You can help yourself before things go wrong.  Use the Barefoot Audio efficient running coaching downloads (the first one is FREE!) to discover how to use your body in a more ‘biomechancially-friendly’ way, and then self-massage your hard-working legs in a productive way by using this 3 minute instructional video.

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