F.I.S.T. Bike Fit Results

So what do you want when you hand over hard-earned cash for a F.I.S.T. bike fit?

Yes, if you were uncomfortable, and that discomfort was spoiling your ride-fun, then you’d want that improved.

Yes, if you were in pain and that was stopping you ride, you’d want that sorted.

But what you really want … what you really, really want … are:

results …

… power to the pedal …

… S – P – E – E – D

Be careful what you wish for is all I’m saying.TrainingPeaks_v3_0_20140109

My position has changed with my most recent bike fit, several years after the neck surgery that forced a bike fit in the first place.  And with it has my riding character.  I’ve gone from a fair weather, social rider with a known aversion to ‘trying’ … to this unfamiliar, rather determined ‘creature’ aboard a machine that simply isn’t interested in pootling around any more!  No matter how hard I try to ‘take it my usual easy’, my cadence wants to creep up, my legs want to fire up and I’m all over my FTP percentages.

I’m not saying it’s not hard work … but I’m loving it because

I’m in a position to be able to do it 🙂




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