How to Find The Best Vibram Fivefingers For You

1. Put HP6 6BP in your satnav.

2. Find a convenient 1/2 hour that sits in our ‘drop-in’ times, Wed-Fri 10am-2pm and Sat 10am-5pm.

3. Pop over and put your feet into as many Vibram Fivefingers as you want.

4. Pick the brains of those who’ve transitioned into them and been wearing them, running in them, competing in them, living in them (even got married in them!) and advising on them since 2007.

5. Sift through the quagmire of opinion that surrounds the product, and let your feet do the talking.

6. If these are your first pair, choose them through the only tick-box that is important:

Which Vibram Fivefingers ‘disappear’ on your feet? Which Vibram Fivefingers is so comfortable you simply don’t want to take them off? Which Vibram Fivefingers simply becomes a second skin to your amazing feet?

CCGotTheTShirtThese VFF Spyridons, after many 100s of miles training & coaching, trotted me round the 50 mile Cesear’s Camp Ultra last October – no blisters, no sore feet, no problems 😉

Welcome to our world – where feet get to be … well, feet … and our bodies are very happy for it!

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