• Do you have any of these issues: back problems, knee problems, feet problems, and/or neck/shoulder problems?
  • Do all your injuries seem to be on the same side of your body?
  • Does the same injury keep coming back again and again no matter how long you rest, ice, or manually treat.
  • No sooner have you recovered from one injury, another pops up in a different area of your body.
  • You’re chasing pain in all sorts of places.
  • Surgery didn’t work or you want to avoid surgery if possible.
  • Do any of the above sound familiar?

Stepping back from ‘where the pain is’, let’s look at your body as the complete, communicative unit it is, with its bony framework linked together with more than 200 bones and numerous joints, which should allow painless functional movement.

Now before “technical and mysterious” spring to mind, lets consider a simple analogy. Swap the word ‘joints’ for ‘doors’. As doors open, some close. This is what allows movement. If all those doors were wide open, you’d look more like a pile of collapsed skin and bones. If all those doors were closed you’d do a pretty fair imitation of a tree. You might sway a bit in the wind but you’d still be rooted to the spot.

So let’s visualize movement as a synchronized, elegant dance of some doors opening and some doors closing. There are 28 bones and 33 joints in each foot. There are 206 bones in the whole body. Depending on what you read there are somewhere between 300-360 joints. So the feet represent almost 25% of the bones and about a fifth of the joints in your entire body.

How your body moves isn’t random. Your brain cleverly orchestrates coordinated movements using whatever doors are available and depending on what you want to do.

Commonly, chronic pain, repetitive injuries and joint surgeries show up in areas where all the ‘work’ is being done ie around those doors that are endlessly open because other doors are shut tight, unable to open. Solutions come in the form of opening the shut doors rather than putting oil on the ones already wide open.

Static measurements of joint position and mobility are not new. Many therapies adopt this practise in a variety of ways – manual testing, X-Raysand MRI scans. You have probably experienced one or all of them. But what the body does when it is lying down or standing still does not necessarily correlate to what it does when moving.

Acknowledging the limitations of the above methods I invested in the most advanced dynamic body/gait analysis in Europe and the only one of its kind in the UK. The Diers 4D Motion Lab. Introducing the UK’s first complete DIERS 4D motion lab. PFM’s 4D Diers Motion Lab captures everything and provides objective data.

Referring to our simple analogy let’s capture how well each of the doors in your spine moves relative to your pelvis, relative to your feet, and in their different planes of movement, simultaneously. Then armed with all this amazing information the challenge is to find strategies specific to your body that will encourage it to correct and heal itself. Let’s breathe life into postural and gait analysis and use movement to encourage and develop change from within rather than impose change from the outside.

Watch the video here to see the Diers 4D Motion Lab in action.


You can contact me by email at or by mobile on 07917 333364 alternatively you can find out more by going to


Dan Empfield talks bike fitting training

Regular followers of the blog will know that Dan Empfield was at Ten-Point this week. On Monday and Tuesday he delivered his F.I.S.T. bike fitting course for the first time outside of the US. With 8 students on the course, we had a fantastic two days learning from the master. Dan was full of amazingly interesting insights, in-depth learning and some wonderful stories from his years in the bike industry. Here is a short introductory video we produced with Dan while he was over explaining why he has partnered with us as his European training centre. Whether you are a dealer who is interested in bike fitting, or simply a cyclist interested in learning more about bike fitting, coming on one of these courses here, at Ten-Point in Buckinghamshire, is well worth it. If you’re interested, drop into the shop, call up or send us an email and Brian will get in touch. Over the coming weeks there will be more video clips from Dan’s visit, where we got chance to sit him down and ask him some questions, so stay tuned for...

F.I.S.T. dealer fitting course with Dan Empfield at Ten-Point

We’re getting excited here at Ten-Point. Tomorrow Dan Empfield, the father of the F.I.S.T. protocol of bike fitting, arrives! He’s over for a few days to run a two-day course on F.I.S.T. bike fitting for some UK bike dealers who want to up skill their staff in the best bike fitting methods around. For those that have never heard of Dan, beyond his bike fitting knowledge, he is also credited with designing the first triathlon specific bike – the Quintana Roo – and the first triathlon specific wetsuit! He is the owner and manager of (probably the most popular triathlon specific website in the world) and in 2004 he was inducted into the Triathlete Magazine Hall of Fame. All three of our bike fitting staff, that’s Helen, Brian and Bryn, were trained over in the US by Dan and we are the European Training and Service Centre for the GURU Dynamic Bike Fitting System too.  That’s why Dan has partnered with us to run his European training courses from Ten-Point. All places on the course this time around are fully booked, but if you are interested in bike fitting, let Brian know and he will keep you updated with what is going on in the future. Keep your eyes on the blog for pics and a write up next...

Storck Aernario Platinum picks up top award

Another week goes by and the Storck Aernario Platinum picks up another award. Not content with being Tour Magazine’s ‘best bike ever’, it has just walked off with the top spot in the Superbike shootout 2014-2015. They said it was “light, stiff and comfortable” and it “sparkled on the climbs, flattering your abilities with a wind-behind-you feel”. High praise indeed! Ten-Point, for those of you that didn’t know, are a Platinum Storck dealer. Because of this, we have a fully built Aernario Platinum, running a dream build of Shimano Dura Ace Di2 and a Rotor 3D+ crank with Q-rings, in the shop. Why don’t you come on in and take a look at this beauty? Be careful though, to see it is to want it! If you’re interested in the Aernario but maybe can’t quite stretch to the lofty heights of the Platinum, then the Aernario G1 is almost identical. It gives away 100g in weight to its more illustrious stablemate, but otherwise the differences are hard to spot. Equally, if the Dura Ace Di2 build is not to your liking, don’t forget that we can build your dream bike with whatever components you most...