Cyclists’ Problems: Pinched Perineums

Final (quick) thoughts on saddles … sore (often VERY SORE … or worse, numb) perineums ... If you suffer, you'll be reading.  If you don't suffer and never have suffered, you'll never understand.  Bit like a man trying to find an analogy to childbirth.  Simply not possible ;) Solutions...


Pedalling: Name & Shame the Saddle

If you're not a Sick :) Pedaller, is your saddle the culprit? Cycling is not an anatomical motion.  Cycling is entirely man-made.  So we need to be mindful of the possibility of biomechanics being horribly compromised, especially as we know the human frame is very adaptable.  You don't need to...


Sick Pedal Action

The 2014 Winter Olympics have thankfully led to uber-cool, modern linguistics to get translated for us 'older folk'.  No longer have we an excuse to get confused with 'sick' and 'sick'. We've 'got with the programme'.  To cap that progress, Triathlete Europe have spoken.  We're all singing from...


And now for ‘something’ Triathlon

… Newtons, Bricks, Tapering, Slowtwitch, Swim Sets, Electrolytes, Caffeine, TSS, Watts, Fartlek, Carbon … all the chat, all the stuff we sweat over and care so deeply about  ... this … or this? It's Friday, so it has to be funny...


Strong enough to hold FORM?

So, you can swim/bike/run the distance you're aiming for?  But can you hold form for the duration?  If the muscles you're using for the activity have fatigued, but you're still 'at it' … which muscles are you using?  The answer will be not the muscles you're meant to be using, or the...


Don’t Wait for Injury – Help Yourself Now!

Google joint problems associated with running, and you'll see the words hips, knees, spine, ankles and big toes pop up straight away. Google joint problems associated with cycling, and you'll find hips, knees, spine and feet/toes listed as common. One is weight-bearing and supposedly what...


Speedplay Pedals & Wiggins’ Dodgy Knees

Yesterday's Cycling News gave us an interesting snippet of information underpinning our own experiences and understanding of the relationship between knee pain and clipless pedals.  Bradley Wiggins' defence of his Tour de France crown was scuppered last year with illness preceding a more serious...


F.I.S.T. Bike Fit Results

So what do you want when you hand over hard-earned cash for a F.I.S.T. bike fit? Yes, if you were uncomfortable, and that discomfort was spoiling your ride-fun, then you'd want that improved. Yes, if you were in pain and that was stopping you ride, you'd want that sorted. But what you really...


And now for ‘something’ … missing

Inspirational?  Well - you can't call a couple who could show their bus passes 'uninspirational' when they've run a marathon a day for 366 days!  They are, after all, now in the Guiness Book of Records.  And to do it 'raw vegan' fuelled entirely on fruit is somewhat staggering too.  Even...


Nipple Nasties

Cable Nipples They don't last forever! Whether brake or gear cable, whether you have visibly fraying ends or not, what you can't see is the deterioration where the cable and nipple meet - the gradually developing dampness inside the housing  that sets in and starts the metal oxidation...