I managed to find a Cobb saddle after a bit of scouting around and took Brian’s advice on the Morgan Blue chamois cream. These changes allowed me to race a Sprint tri on Sunday (~30 mins in the saddle) in comfort. Very little fidgeting on the saddle. I’ve subsequently moved the arm pads apart by ~50mm and up by ~15mm which makes all the difference in opening up the chest; that plus the saddle mean that during this morning’s 1h turbo workout, I found I was more relaxed and comfortable on the aerobars than on the basebar – a surprise. Finally, there’s an adjustable stem for my Felt on order which will allow me huge flexibility in lengthening the saddle-cockpit distance where I want it and will allow me to get the pads and shifters exactly where I need them. Not quite done yet, but I want to thank you for not only for helping me find the right saddle, but also in resetting my understanding of how to work with the FIST measurements. Very best, Martin