Took the bike for a training ride over the weekend and covered off 120 miles. Really happy with the results actually on the road! Bike Fit; In a word awesome, but this was for two very different reasons. Firstly and even as I type this no back pain what so ever! As the primary reason for getting the fit I can only be but over the moon with this. Secondly and by far the more impressive was available power I had on ascent and breaking away from groups, in short this surprised me and those riding with me! I have no garmin to put this in numbers but I PB’d and it felt like I had more to give. Big smiles!!!! Changes to bike; Just gave me confidence, gears and brakes were crisp and surprisingly the stem really gave me a better feel when steering, really noticeable on descent at speed. Just chuffed with whole process, can’t wait for seat post to arrive! Not sure if you can really separate the fit from the changes but equally not sure I care. It just feels so good.