Cyclists’ Problems: Pinched Perineums

Final (quick) thoughts on saddles … sore (often VERY SORE … or worse, numb) perineums …

If you suffer, you’ll be reading.  If you don’t suffer and never have suffered, you’ll never understand.  Bit like a man trying to find an analogy to childbirth.  Simply not possible 😉

Solutions run along the lines of:

  • Get a bike fit to find a better riding position – maybe all you need to do to reduce the pressure on the perineum is adjust the position of the front end relative to the saddle?
  • Get a saddle fit to try out lots of different shapes under your perineum, to find one that ‘fits’ better.
  • Change the chamois in your cycle shorts (in our experience, and perhaps counter-intuitively, less works well.  Having raced Ironman in tri shorts, it can be all you need and often the ‘standard cycle short padding’ pushing up into the perineum is half of the problem!)
  • Try chamois cream if you haven’t already …

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