Speedplay Pedals & Wiggins’ Dodgy Knees

Yesterday’s Cycling News gave us an interesting snippet of information underpinning our own experiences and understanding of the relationship between knee pain and clipless pedals.  Bradley Wiggins’ defence of his Tour de France crown was scuppered last year with illness preceding a more serious ‘inflammation of the left knee’, and from the wording of the article, Team Sky are reportedly giving the green light to Speedplay pedals and knee joint health.


Lightweight nods are limited to a fi’zi:k Arione CX saddle with carbon fiber rails and Speedplay’s feathery Zero Nanogram pedals. In addition to saving weight, Team Sky head mechanic Rajen Murugayan says the pedals’ more generous adjustability and rotational float also help Wiggins with some lingering knee issues. Related to that, Wiggins also notably switched last year from his long-standing Osymetric non-round chainrings to standard Dura-Ace round ones.

So we have a sentence from the Team Sky head mechanic regarding ‘why’ knee issues can be helped with Speedplay pedals’ increased adjustability and float, and no equivalent explanation as to why Wiggins has moved away from his non-round chainrings.  That’s interesting … and we’re intrigued as we wouldn’t swap out our Rotor Q-rings for the world.

IMG_1764But what’s missing from the article is of even more interest.

Cycling is all about getting – and maintaining – power to the pedal.  The article specs Wiggins’ Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think2 in detail, and we have data on crank length and pedal type … but no pedal spindle length.  By its omission, one might be safe to assume ‘standard’ – otherwise it would have been mentioned?

I think we should tweet Team Sky and get Wiggins in a for a Speedplay Spindle Fit.  Speedplay pedals do help with ‘lingering knee issues’ … Speedplay customised spindle lengths go an efficient spin further towards pain-free knees …

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