You’ve all seen it.  On a group ride, you’ll see multiples of them.  It’s very, very common.

Pedalling away, nice position on the bike, everything is fine … except …

why does that knee DO THAT? … that ‘shimmy-thing’?

You look down, and one of your knees does it too!!  And you’ve noticed a bit of a knee niggle that comes and goes, but it’s more coming than going now that you’re upping the intensity on the turbo/increasing your distances.

You might try fiddling with the cleat position; you might go the ‘standard’ route and have a pedal/shoe interface fitting or be fitted with orthotics to wedge the foot into a ‘better’ position; you might even just try and forcefully position your knee into a smoother circle.

Simpler than any of those, you could just work with your biomechanics.  The happiness of the knee joint articulation entirely depends on the relative position of the shin bone coming up from the foot AND the thigh bone coming down from the pelvis.  We have a natural ‘width’ to our foot placement, created through a series of fluid muscle actions, in reaction to bone position. In much the same way some runners have a ‘narrow stance habit’ that stresses (amongst other things) the tensor fascia lata muscle attached to the IT band, lots of cyclists are forced – with a standard spindle length – into a ‘narrow pedalling action’, changing the shin bone/thigh bone meeting angle and stressing the tensor fascia lata muscle (amongst other things) attached to the IT band.

A ‘shimmy’ is simple self-preservation borne of our survival instinct to remain one step ahead of that sabre-toothed tiger.

But times are a-changing and so are pedal spindle lengths.

Speedplay are the current leaders of the field with 5 different spindle lengths on offer, 3 of which are longer than the ‘standard’ 53mm.  We hear Shimano are coming out with ‘another’ length sometime in 2014.  Whilst recognising the need to co-ordinate pedalling foot position with where the thigh bone is exiting the pelvis, IS forward progress … one extra length?  Come on Shimano – you can do better than that!

With a Ten-Point Spindle Fit there’s no guessing.  You SEE the difference.  And there’s a big bonus prize …

… widen that stance, get those bones into better positions, and you’ll have access to more of the lateral thigh & buttock muscle fibres … giving you more power to the pedal with no extra effort.

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