The Triumph of Teamwork

You don’t have to be in the TdF to feel part of something special.  And you can take a ‘win’ from many angles – be it a never-before-completed-distance or a PB at a previous distance.  No matter what it is, and whether you compete as part of a team, or race solo but with your team emblazoned on your kit, to feel as if you ‘belong’ to something really is special.

We believe The BlackFish are special.  These 4 girls pulled me round that Cycletta course, when I was the weak link.  I hung onto Christine’s wheel as we stayed in our train of 4, with Sandra and Alli alternating taking the lead (and the wind!).  With Caroline’s Overall Win + our Team Time, we placed 1st Team.

I’ve never won a race in my life – and as a soloist, I’m unlikely to.  On my own, I simply don’t ‘bother’ enough!  But in that team, there was BlackFish Team Pride at stake.  My performance mattered to me more – as a fifth of that team – than it ever has done when I’m on my own.  I just didn’t want to let the side down.

That event was much more than the win … it was the ‘working together’ that added to the memory bank … that, a great photo and a loaf of sliced bread in the post-race goody bag!  The only thing that was missing was a podium and Victoria Pendleton … but I know she’d have been impressed if she’d been there and not just part of the marketing blurb 😉


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