Triathlon – at 86, it’s clearly never too late

The GURU/Ten-Point Studio Tour

Without any prompting, Lincoln hopped aboard the GURU Fitting Unit (GFU) and started pedalling.  Grabbing the moment, I pressed a few buttons and the GFU smoothly glided – saddle up and back, front end in and up.

“Ah, that’s better”

Gobsmacked, we took a picture … IMG_1979

Adopting the aero position, he continued

“Is it like this?”


“Can you make it harder?”

Grinning, I dealt appropriately with the Computrainer resistance level!

The wonderful thing about cycling and triathlon, is that they’re great levellers (how many times have you been overtaken by someone older/less svelte?!). And maybe because of that, great motivators too.

My father-in-law Lincoln, aged 86, showed us all how it could be done … a youthful spirit, a touch of curiosity and a fancy for independence.

He might yet beat me to Kona … 😉




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