Dripping onto your turbo? Hard-won evidence of your dedication to training and the challenge you’ve set yourself? Yes – without doubt.

Contraptions to protect your steed from your hard-won drips?  A ‘nonsense’ say some.  They vary from fancy to basic, but whether you choose to protect your bike from the sweat actually making contact, or whether you prefer to wipe down after the event, be proactive in some form or other.

Sweat is corrosive.  Those salty drips, drip after drip, aren’t beneficial to the life of those triangles of metal you spent your hard-earned cash on.

The workshop reported an incidence last week of a front wheel being in situ for so long, in the line of fire from an incessant sweat drip, that when the bike was finally removed from the turbo and taken outside for a spin, an alloy spoke nipple snapped off – totally corroded!

Similar corrosion has been seen in headset bearings.

An extreme case is the actual snapping in half of a handlebar!  Admittedly, it was an extreme turbo’er, who’d sweated hard and long, but it just goes to show how deleterious drips of sweat can be.

Catch it – or wipe it 😉

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