What is GURU bike fitting and what does it involve?

Bike fit is an incredibly important aspect of cycling. A poorly adjusted bike can lead to injuries and inefficiency, so having your bike set up for you is paramount.

In recent years cycling has become increasingly popular, and you can now see cyclists, either in groups or on their own taking over British roads – you’ll no doubt be riding alongside them.

With this drastic increase in the number of people taking up cycling, bike fit has never been more important, since this new popularity means that more and more cyclists are hitting the road without much knowledge of the sport.

What does GURU bike fitting involve?

Any bike fit involves a lot of small adjustments to your bike which aim to make your riding experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. Possible adjustments include the height of the saddle, height of the handlebars, how far forward the saddle is, and alignment of your cleats. GURU have created a way of finding out your perfect bike set up to ensure you have the perfect ride.

The GURU system allows for adjustments to be made instantly because the rider is actively involved in the process. This means that, instead of being prescribed a ‘best position, based on a bell curve of average angles, changes are made on the fly with instant feedback.

It’s this that makes the GURU system stand out from other bike fit systems. The vertical and horizontal positioning of the bars and saddle can both be changed remotely whilst the rider is still pedalling, and this means that the GURU machine, although very smart, is only effective when in the right hands.

What’s the difference between a GURU bike fit and another bike fit?

The main difference between the GURU bike fit and any other bike fit is that you feel the difference immediately. If the bike fitter changes the height of your saddle, then you will feel the difference in the next peddle stroke versus getting your bike fitted in shop and having to wait until your next ride to test the new settings.

Another major benefit is that using the GURU bike fit means a reduce bike fit time. Normally bike fits can take between 45 minutes to an hour and this can be problematic, but not for the reasons you might think.

You might think that this means the bike fitter themselves has more time, but it actually benefits the customer more. This is because the ability to fit the bike correctly to you becomes more difficult with time and fatigue. By reducing the need to stop and start frequently, a GURU bike fit means it’s easier to detect changes in your body, making it easier to decide whether you find a riding position comfortable or not.

Is a GURU bike fit for me?

GURU allows you to adapt your bike fit to your riding style. So whether you’re a road cyclist, mountain biker, triathlete, or just a recreational cyclist, GURU will be able to set up your bike perfectly. This, as well as all the other features discussed above, makes a GURU bike fitting essential if you’re thinking about getting into cycling.

Investing in a professional bike fit will help you get the most out of your bike and also reduce the chances of injury over time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a GURU fitting booked now and get on your bike!

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