Who Needs a Bike Fit?

Answer: cyclists, triathletes & time-trialists.

Here’s a 3 min video for those that prefer to watch rather than read!

You can benefit hugely from a F.I.S.T. interactive bike fit, where your comfort is the determining factor, if:

  • You’re uncomfortable on your existing bike.
  • You have lower back, knee, foot, shoulder, neck and/or wrist pain when cycling in your current position.
  • You’re about to buy a new bike and don’t know which frame size to opt for.
  • You’re about to buy a new bike and don’t know which frame geometry would suit you best.
  • You can’t maintain your aero position on your tri bike.
  • You want to cycle, but cycling doesn’t seem to like you!
  • You want to find out which position optimises your cycling efficiency, with more speed without any more effort being the goal.
  • You’re interested in discovering which crank length optimises your pedal efficiency.
  • You want to increase your cycling distances but you’re limited in being able to remain comfortable on your bike beyond a certain time.

Here’s what people have kindly said about us after their F.I.S.T. road and tri bike fits on Slowtwitch.  Here’s some more!

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