You Win, William’s Fund Wins: ‘Coaching for the Charity Pot’

BLACKFISH THUMBNAILTen-Point BlackFish are a friendly lot, borne of a group desire to do stuff as a community.

  1. So we swim together on a Wednesday in winter in an outdoor pool and chivvy each other along if need be (always).
  2. We cycle together on weekdays even when it’s not nice (well – some do) and we cycle together on Sundays when it’s nice (YES – unashamedly fair weather Sunday rides … otherwise, why bother investing in a turbo?!).
  3. And we run together on a Friday and whilst we do it we raise money for a local charity.  Unless it’s a trail run, Helen coaches something functionally useful for Efficient Running (on the trails, it’s every man for himself – in this mud, it’s all about staying upright!).

How Does It Work?

  • You just join in 🙂imageWilliamsFund
  • Request to be a BlackFish member so you know what’s on offer.
  • Pitch up, pop your dosh in our William’s Fund pot (easily recognisable by William’s Penguin that’s either attached to Helen when she off on either an ultra or an Ironman adventure, or attached to the yellow collection pot) and enjoy an hour or so’s Efficient Running coaching.
  • We all feel good because we’ve contributed to William’s Fund, and William’s Fund feels better because it has committed to fund a full-time researcher at the John Radcliffe in Oxford, whose sole purpose is to identify childhood cancers in order that they may be treated in time for the child to have a life.  It needs an endless stream of money to sustain the project.
  • We raised a lot of money over the years, and continue to – in a way that benefits everybody.
  • William’s Fund loves the BlackFish 🙂

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